Make note of whatever you want

Without having to use separate apps, DigitalPage is easier than writing in your current note apps and more convenient than using calendar and to-do list apps.

Link pages

Link pages to related pages. With DigitalPage simply link pages to other related pages based on our suggestions. You do not need to create folder names, worry about where to locate and remember where they located them.

Find relevant information easily

You can visualize records based on linked pages. Manage your schedule and pages with the calendar.

DigitalPage shows you the records you need

Even if you don’t remember the notes you’ve recorded, DigitalPage automatically displays recommendations based on your current location and time.

DigitalPage Basic

·500 MB of new uploads per month

·5 GB of overall storage capacity

·Accessible on unlimited number of devices

DigitalPage Prime

·4 GB of new uploads per month

·Unlimited overall storage capacity

·Add passcode lock on mobile app

·Users' own customized background theme

Upgrade to Premium service can be done from mobile apps.

Free trial for the first month. Enjoy every feature of premium service.